2007 – LogFile


January :

  • New class.. New friends.. After almost 1.5 years(6 months proj+6 months of bunking+6 months Sem out 😛 )  of academic black out , i was brought back into the system this january. I  had a fear about how the new friends (My-supposed-to-be-juniors 😀 ) will accept my presence. But thankfully everything was fine and great!
  • Bought a new Computer. Retained my monitor and dvdwriter. Everything else was new and decided to keep my old pc for my networking experiments.
  • Started www.AdsInTv.com . An attempt to archive the ads shown in indian Television channels.The reason was my new Tv Tuner card which was superior to the one i was using before.

February :

  • Started a new attempt in piracy 😀 .Opened a new blog for cracked series60 version 3 (Symbian 9.1) applications.Things were good except that i feared that my future may be in danger as the domain for that blog was a subdomain of neo999.com
  • A new guest – Beer came to my life. 😀 No , I just wanted to gain some weight.3 Beers per week was the agenda! 😉
  • Enjoyed life to the max with my friends Deepu , Abhi and Arjun .

March :

  • Wat happened ? Nothing.. I dont remember! 😛 Yea!! Stopped Beer!I realized that beer have to nothing to do with gaining weight!


  • Piracy got into a step ahead. Opened www.MySeries60V3.com for cracked symbian 9.1 applications

May :

  • A dream came true for me! Atleast near to it. I always wanted to own a SLR camera. Apart from the SLR feature , the manual over ridings of settings was what i wanted. may 2007 and i got my cam! Sony DSC-H2 , A semi-professional camera. Bought it from e-bay with my own hard earned money!!

June :

  • Photography became my passion.
  • A trip to Koorg – Banglore . Bad days!


  • New Semester..Friends became more close. I became more regular in class.
  • Deepu’s Engagement. Ernakulam!
  • Shifa’s Engagement.


  • Several Ponmudi(hill station near Trivandrum) trips on bikes.
  • The unimaginable event occured! – Deepu’s Marriage! 😛
  • A big arranged trip to Mysore – Banglore – WonderLa – Kodaikanal .


  • Shifa’s Marriage!
  • Department Association and National Level Technical Symposium!   Busy days!
  • Made a decision to stay in Thukkala (Near my college with my friends)


  • Fairwell Day! Tears rolling … Felt like 10 months were too short.


  • Exam days!!!  Switched to hibernate mode 😛

December :

  • Busy with exams.. Almost 6 exams a week! :O
  • Exams over…Planning for a big time party…:)

Merry X’Mas and Happy New Year to all My readers…

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