DSL in ADSL!! Bsnl gone crazy?


Can Any one justify what i am getting now? I was supposed to get 64kbps upload speed on my ul900 plan (256kbps ). And thats what i was getting 3 months ago. On october i disconnected my service as i was out of the city till december. This week i applied again and got connection immediatly on my old modem and line. Now

See this

Can any one tell me why it is like this? First i noticed it when i tried to upload my fotos through picassa. I was getting around 30kBps. Then i tried uploading via ftp and rapidshare . I was getting 25+ kBps. In torrents its almost 30kBps. Is it something unique for my connection alone? Or was there any change between these three months?

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  • i have also observed something strange .. my cousin is being charged only the fixed monthly rental of Rs. 250( 1 GB limit), even though he claims he downloaded atleast 5 GB of data in that month and certainly much more tha 1 Gb in preceding few months. with download speeds going upto 130 Kbps in torrents, it’s awesome.

    maybe BSNL has not reached it’s target subscriber base or they are not aware of this …

  • hi
    i m ankit from garhwal{uttrakhand}
    i did not understand ur problem
    i have 500 plan
    max….downloading speed is 227 kbps{kilobytes} in any movie torrent
    n i use my friend 900 plan
    i get 40 kbps in torrent
    so bsnl dataone is adsl 2 who increese 64 mbps{8 mbps downloading speed}
    wait in 1 year bsnl increse speed in 2 mbps to 8 mbps till october

  • dai neo, they increased the upload speed for the 256 unlim to 256 on april
    so the speeds now are home ul 750 = 256/256
    and ul 1350 = 512/256
    mebbe they r using 256 as a min standard for all speeds in BB

  • 🙂 Yea.. This post was on december and speed boosts were official in April….May be i was being tested by BSNL .. Lucky Tester! 😉

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