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Month: June 2008

Rainy Rainy Ride..

I love riding in rain. Especially if its a night ride. People says rain and bikes wont match. But for me, nothing is more romantic than a wet night ride through my favourite city. I feel like the roads get a life when its wet. They are colorful and animated when its wet. The neon reflections and light from the brake lights gives it a sexy look. Tonight was one of those lucky nights . I roamed around Trivandrum from south to north to west to east in rain..I got new tires for my bike a couple of days back. So it was a “riskfree” ride 😉 . Put some smooth music (i use Mobile+Headphone ) or speak to your loved ones (Not recommended! 😉 ) and keep going. After sometime, your body will let you know that its time to go home or to get a shelter by putting on the vibrate mode.Fools call it shivering. Never care , keep riding. You will get used to it soon. If you are like me , a few things to care before such a romantic ride : * Get couple of  plastic covers to keep your mobile/wallet etc. * A Rain Jacket is a no-no as it kills the thrill. * Ride slow and keep distance with vehicles to avoid harsh braking. Seriously , it can Kill you! 🙂 *...

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Malayalam Blog

Finally i started a Malayalam Blog. This one will stay there for long unlike the previous one. I am comfortable with wordpress and was looking for a way to write malayalam in WordPress. They says WordPress supports Unicode. But i tried several times and couldnt save the unicode into the database. Malayalam will be shown in the editor and upto pressing “publish” button , everything is fine. But , viewing the post in the blog shows “????????” instead of Unicode Malayalam font. That was purely a Database error. So checked with it and found the culprit lines in the code. For those who are looking for a solution, shoot up any FTP Client like Filezilla and browse to the root folder of the blog. That is where index.php is present. * Then open the “wp-config.php” for editing * Look for the following two lines, define('DB_CHARSET', 'utf8'); define(’DB_COLLATE’, ”); *Comment the above two lines by adding “//” before each line . (Without “”) ie. like, //define('DB_CHARSET', 'utf8'); //define(’DB_COLLATE’, ”); Save the file in the server and try again!. It must work. Atleast it worked perfectly for me. By the way , my Malayalam Blog, E-Thal ( à´ˆ-താള്‍ ) is here – or...

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Mangalore Days..

Right now i am in Mangalore, the port city of South India. I am starting to love this city for its infrastructure and the left-alone-areas inside the city. You can find mini-forests inside the core city , and the place where i stay now is behind such a mini-forest. The pollution and rush as you see in other indian cities are not seen here. A calm but lively city.May be there is some restricitons for new constructions. With the booming Land trade in India, it was a surprise for me to find such vast unused spaces right in the heart of the city. Even if it was a park or something like LalBagh in Bangalore, it makes sense. But atleast it helps in making the air fresh and pollution free. The commercial centers are not as big as bangalore or even cochin, and the malls are under occupied. I have been to the Bharath Mall here, near where i stays. Its small and i spoted many non-occupied floor spaces in it. May be, the trend of urban shopping is catching up in Mangalore. And i was amused to find the hottest southindian movie as of now, Dasavatharam running in a half occupied Theater. With a large Tamil speaking population here, it was quite unpleasing. I wonder how they are running in profit. By the way i got a new...

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FireFox 3 Download Day 2008

Haven’t heard about it yet? The release of Firefox 3 will be made in a few minutes (Tue 10:30 PM Indian Standard Time). They are making this event a huge one by attempting for a world record in most downloaded file in a day. I am high with sky high expectations about Firefox 3. I am already using RC3 of Firefox 3 and I am pretty much satisfied with features and stability(In Linux). Already 1,736,232 people  pledged for downloading the FireFox 3 (When checked now @ 9.50 PM Jun 17 ) So what you are waiting for? Go and take a pledge!! PS: The site is down at the moment due to the world record usage! =)) How they expected to set up a record without enough...

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Black Protest against The Blog Theft

Blogs all over the world are joining hands to show support and unity against the Blog Theft by I am showing my support by Blackening this post like Umesh in Gurukulam and other fellow bloggers did.I request all bloggers to join this protest. Bloggers who joined in this Protest [ Links Taken from Kalluslate ] 1.Raj Neetiyath 2.One Swallow 3.Vellezhuthth 4.Visalamanaskan 5.Choottazhi 6.Guptham 7.Ithentha 8.Salini 9.Kumar 10.Anchalkkaran 11.Najoos 12.Wakkarimashta 13.Idival 14.Bindu 15.Pachalam 16.Njan 17.Sree 18.Siju 19.Beerankutti 20.Reshma 21.Moorthy 22.Saramgi 23.Sebin Jacob 24.Sreevallabhan 25.Anamgari 26.Sankuchithan 27.Yarid 28.Sundaran 29.Devan 30. Sapthavarnangal 31.Venu 32.Shiju 33.Vavachi 34.Mayoora 35.Pulli 36.Anilan 37.Kannuran 38.G. Manu 39.Thamanu 40.Shefi 41.Tharavadi & Valyammayi 42.Sakshi 43.Ziya 44.Kunjans 45.Nazeer 46.Cheedappi 47.Kuttenmenon 48.Anony Antony 49.Prasanth Kalathil 50.Keralafarmer 51.Dasthakir 52.Kinav 53.Nishkalankan 54.Asha 55.Latheesh Mohan 56.P.R 57.Sidarthan 58.Bhumiputhri 59.Kala 60.Agrajan 61.Sharu 62.Chintha 63.Umesh 64.Cibu 65.Indira 66.DesiPundit 67.Thahirabdhu 68.MS 69.Viswam 70.Baji Odamveli 71.Revathi 72.Hariyanan 73.Viswam Tumblr 74.Karinkallu 75.Patrix 76.Kovalakrishnan 77.Jayarajan 78.Jihesh 79.Bikku 80.Basheer Vellarakkad 81.Sreelal 82.Melodious 83.Nandan 84.Anjathan 85.Ithirivettam 86.Thonnivasan 87.Coolsun 88.Vayadi Malayali 89.Priyamvada 90.Wonderstruck 91.Neha Viswanathan 92.Santhosh 93.Nikhil 94.Ranjith chemmad 95.Anil 96.Lapuda 97.Sabi 98.Achinthya 99.Nalan 100.Saljo 101.Malayaali 102.Santhosh Pillai 103.Sini 104.Kaithamullu 105.Nandini Vishwanath 106.Thathamma 107.Bee and Jai 108.Chithal 109.Karim Mash 110.Jyonavan 111.Anuraj 112.Shankupushpam 113.Kavalan 114.IdliDosa 115.Ravunni 116.Panchali 117.Kochuthresia 118.Sreedevi Nair 119.Visakh Sankar 120.Cartoonist 121.Silverine 122.P.Anoop 123.Amrutha 124.Santosh 125.Lakshmy 126.Uganda Randaman 127.Sia 128.Trevor Penn 129.Drisyan 130.Kochumuthalali 131.Krish 132.Abdul Aleef 133.Naagurinch 134.Aisibi 135.Appu 136.Ittimalu 137.Baburaj Bagavathi 138.Anomani 139.Jyothirmayi 140.Sajith M 141.Vimmuuu 142. FLu!D 143.nEo999 144.Papi...

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