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Rainy Rainy Ride..


I love riding in rain. Especially if its a night ride. People says rain and bikes wont match. But for me, nothing is more romantic than a wet night ride through my favourite city. I feel like the roads get a life when its wet. They are colorful and animated when its wet. The neon reflections and light from the brake lights gives it a sexy look. Tonight was one of those lucky nights . I roamed...

Malayalam Blog


Finally i started a Malayalam Blog. This one will stay there for long unlike the previous one. I am comfortable with wordpress and was looking for a way to write malayalam in WordPress. They says WordPress supports Unicode. But i tried several times and couldnt save the unicode into the database. Malayalam will be shown in the editor and upto pressing “publish” button , everything is...

Mangalore Days..


Right now i am in Mangalore, the port city of South India. I am starting to love this city for its infrastructure and the left-alone-areas inside the city. You can find mini-forests inside the core city , and the place where i stay now is behind such a mini-forest. The pollution and rush as you see in other indian cities are not seen here. A calm but lively city.May be there is some restricitons...

FireFox 3 Download Day 2008


Haven’t heard about it yet? The release of Firefox 3 will be made in a few minutes (Tue 10:30 PM Indian Standard Time). They are making this event a huge one by attempting for a world record in most downloaded file in a day. I am high with sky high expectations about Firefox 3. I am already using RC3 of Firefox 3 and I am pretty much satisfied with features and stability(In Linux). Already...

Black Protest against The Blog Theft


Blogs all over the world are joining hands to show support and unity against the Blog Theft by I am showing my support by Blackening this post like Umesh in Gurukulam and other fellow bloggers did.I request all bloggers to join this protest. Bloggers who joined in this Protest [ Links Taken from Kalluslate ] 1.Raj Neetiyath 2.One Swallow 3.Vellezhuthth 4.Visalamanaskan 5.Choottazhi 6...

Blog Theft!


I just happened to see this issue among a few bloggers and a “reputed” website. This “reputed” company which many of you know and many others may be “proud” members of it is and the bloggers include many malayalam bloggers. I am not familiar with malayalam bloggers or their blogs, but i have a respect to them for publishing contents in my mother...

Too Much of Orkut?


A few of my friends asked me whether i have been appointed as an Orkut blogger recently. I wrote too much about orkut this week.The reasons may be , Orkut made quick and un expected changes or i had nothing else to write . To be frank , the life for me is now plain and boring. No classes, no project works.. 🙁  I’l be in my room until 6pm watching documentries or following zillion forums...

Orkut : Private communities


Private Communities? Orkut is becoming complex day by day. Now , the latest addon is private communities. What exactly is a private community – Communities that are only open to people who share your email domain. How does it work? First, enter the email address for the domain you share with your classmates or colleagues into the contacts tab of your profile. When creating a new community...

Orkut’s Community Recommendations


A new addition to Orkut – Community Recommendations. Just a week ago they introduced a much useful Photo Tagging feature, which is still left unused by many users. Community Recommendations help us to join communities that ‘may’ be useful to us. Orkut compares the communities where we have already joined with other similar and large communities in Orkut. If a match is found...

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