Yea.. I am officially adding a new Nick 😉 . No its not ‘new’ . I adopted this name some times back when i was a gamer(Read CS ! :D) . So its almost a ‘3 year old new’.  My original nick was neo(Even before first Matrix).. And i had this email id ‘’ Some how i lost that account and so started Later i lost that too. I then added a frm( Stands for from) before neo999 and made a ‘frmneo999’ id. Its still with me. But since it sounded too ‘uncool’ i opened a site and made a an id ‘neo’@’neo999’.com.Now thats some cool id i think and i am not going to change it in near future.( By the way, you can also contact me by ‘Fluid’ or ‘admin’

The word fluid seems  to be much popular than neo. It was hard to get a domain like or .org or .in or whatever.. So i opted for ( Which is like Fluid’s). Now what is Fluid? Why a fluid? I think it reflects my character. A fluid can take any shape when applied stress or pressure. Like that I am flexible to adjust to any environment. (Yeaa… I can take a shape to convince you to do something favourable to me… All my teachers should read this! 😀 ). Got it?? 😉