Yea.. I am officially adding a new Nick 😉 . No its not ‘new’ . I adopted this name some times back when i was a gamer(Read CS ! :D) . So its almost a ‘3 year old new’.  My original nick was neo(Even before first Matrix).. And i had this email id ‘[email protected]’ Some how i lost that account and so started [email protected] Later i lost that too. I then added a frm( Stands for from) before neo999 and made a ‘frmneo999’@yahoo.com id. Its still with me. But since it sounded too ‘uncool’ i opened a site neo999.com and made a an id ‘neo’@’neo999’.com.Now thats some cool id i think and i am not going to change it in near future.( By the way, you can also contact me by ‘Fluid’@Fluids.in or ‘admin’@Fluids.in)

The word fluid seems  to be much popular than neo. It was hard to get a domain like fluid.com or .org or .in or whatever.. So i opted for Fluids.in ( Which is like Fluid’s). Now what is Fluid? Why a fluid? I think it reflects my character. A fluid can take any shape when applied stress or pressure. Like that I am flexible to adjust to any environment. (Yeaa… I can take a shape to convince you to do something favourable to me… All my teachers should read this! 😀 ). Got it?? 😉

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