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Today was another Harthal (Strike ) by the ruling government LDF. A 6am – 6pm harthal across the state to raise its voice against the central price hike in oil and diesel. Personally i think harthals are a mere waste of public resources and time. Just a show off!

How many of the general public will support these strikes?  I know you will be seeing it for the umpteenth time in indian blogs! But today it was much more for me!! The frustration was too much for me and i called up a government office and started i-know-all-bad-words arguement with them. Here is what happened to me .

I gave my bike to workshop for some serious repairs this monday. And they promised me to return it in perfect condidtion yesterday! So poor me went there with my friend to take back my bike yesterday afternoon. And what, I saw my best buddy (thats my bike 🙂 ) in 101 pieces and a big frame! But i was choice less. Even if it was in 1 piece and had pending work , i would have brought it back home as life was miserable without my bike. That workshop chap promised (Again! ) me that he will give the bike on Friday! That means i have to be bike-less for this harthal! I’l be stuck at home for this Harthal! After a lot of thought i decided to celebrate this harthal to the max , inside home. I stocked all the snacks and beverages.No.. Just some coke 😉 My mom will be there at home you fools!! Downloaded some 3GB of documentries from torrents by night and waited for the Harthal Morning. Why documentries? For the past 3 months , i am hating english films. I dont know why. Seems like hollywood directors ran out of ideas. So documentries are my current favourites. And with BSNL 2 Mbps plan , i can download upto 4gb within the free time of 2 AM to 8 AM.  For the interested , here are some ‘nice’ links for documentries

BBC Documentries : http://www.mininova.org/sub/653

Discovery : http://www.mininova.org/sub/122

Ofcourse its illegal to download them. But its just documentries. 🙂

So where was I? Yea.. I was preparing for the harthal! Went to bed at 3 AM on 5th after seeing all documentries downloading at full speed.





10 AM : I woke up. For those who don’t know me, i follow MST(My standard time 😉 . Waking up at 10AM is perfectly normal for me. The fan above me was moving like it was panting after a nights job. Some thing unusual! He used to be a healthy guy! I went to my daily routines and came back to turn on my monitor. There it starts! My PC was not turning on. UPS refused to give power to the PC. And the volt meter showed 30V!!! I asked Mom and she said, it was like this till 6 AM. A serious Voltage Drop . Not only in my house but for the whole neighbourhood! Unlike the usual scenario, to me  KSEB guys were prompt and hard working! They always answered my calls (#1912 ) during power failures and gave genuine respones. But today , when i called them they give a simple answer – “Its Strike you know? We cant come there to repair your problem. Wait till 6 pm

I was really cornered by fate! No bike, No Tv, No Computer, Mobile ran out of Battery , No Fan , No Water (no power means, no water from well!! ) ….

I was bored and frustrated for the whole day! By after noon i called up KSEB again and proved my frustration to them. First i tried to convince them by saying the road is safe and nothing ti worry about coming to my place for repairing. Failing in that , i tried to prove the importance of duty as being an essential service provider! Again , they were not convinced. Then i tried to threaten them by saying i’l complain in court.. 😀 And he was like, do whatever you want to do! We cant come before 6 PM. That was the end of patience… I took the phone to outside to stay away from my mom’s ears and opened my abuse-dictionory (which is pretty heavy! Thanks to my friends 😀 ) and started a good i-know-more-badwords-than you contest! To be honest , the guy there was good for my standards. We learned new words from each other. And when i got bored of that hung up with satisfaction!!

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