Getting Orkut Scraps, Email Via Sms For Free


  • Now It is very simple way to get your orkut scraps / emails on yours mobile phones via SMS.
  • No need of GPRS or WAP or Internet connection on your Mobile phones.
  • No need of a Hi-FI OR Any Expensive Mobile phone.
  • Just a simple cell phone needed which can receive SMS.No charges involved. It is totally FREE. :P

This is a very cool hack which will Enable you to Receive your scraps on your mobiles via SMS. This hack may be very helpful for those who are on a vacation and cannot log in to their account gain and again to check their scraps/emails. What’s the best part? You get all the updates on your mobile and you don’t spend a single penny except that one time Initial registration fee (merely RS 1) .

This is a simple trick (Hack) come to alive by the services provided by

  • (Blog publishing platform by google).
  • (Converts orkut scraps and community messages into web feeds).
  • (Free SMS delivery client website foe indian mobile users).

How to Get Orkut Scraps via SmSs ?

  • To get Scraps as SMS , first we have to Covert our scrap into web feeds. To do this we need help of the website .
  • Replace the value after uid%3D with your orkut userID ( what is userID ? Login to your orkut account and click on your profile itself. You will get your orkut id on the address bar. Like in my case. So 15934819123053616540 is my unique userID )
  • You have to register for an account in To register, sms REG yourCityName to 09845398453
  • You will Receive your password immediately,Now Go to and Log in with your mobile number and password.
  • To get scraps as SMS >> Go to Feed Management Page >> Go to “Add Feed” >> In the “name” field put “scraps” and in the “URL” field put


  • Scraps/emails sent to you via sms are 5-6 hours late.
  • The word limit is 71. So you wont get to read the full scrap/email if it exceeds 71 words.
  • This Hack wont work if your scrapbook is locked or Blog set as private.
  • This whole trick/process is for Indian cell users only.
  • If You are using email services which don’t provide ( hotmail/live mail, zapak, rediff, indiatimes ) mail forwarding option ; you can’t read them in your mobile.
  • The emails that you are auto forwarding to must be less than 10 MB in size.

More info And screenshots :

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