• Now It is very simple way to get your orkut scraps / emails on yours mobile phones via SMS.
  • No need of GPRS or WAP or Internet connection on your Mobile phones.
  • No need of a Hi-FI OR Any Expensive Mobile phone.
  • Just a simple cell phone needed which can receive SMS.No charges involved. It is totally FREE. :P

This is a very cool hack which will Enable you to Receive your scraps on your mobiles via SMS. This hack may be very helpful for those who are on a vacation and cannot log in to their account gain and again to check their scraps/emails. What’s the best part? You get all the updates on your mobile and you don’t spend a single penny except that one time Initial registration fee (merely RS 1) .

This is a simple trick (Hack) come to alive by the services provided by

  • Blogger.com (Blog publishing platform by google).
  • Orkutfeeds.com (Converts orkut scraps and community messages into web feeds).
  • Mytoday.com (Free SMS delivery client website foe indian mobile users).

How to Get Orkut Scraps via SmSs ?

  • To get Scraps as SMS , first we have to Covert our scrap into web feeds. To do this we need help of the website OrkutFeeds.com .
  • Replace the value after uid%3D with your orkut userID ( what is userID ? Login to your orkut account and click on your profile itself. You will get your orkut id on the address bar. Like http://www.orkut.co.in/Profile.aspx?uid=15934819123053616540 in my case. So 15934819123053616540 is my unique userID )
  • You have to register for an account in mytoday.com To register, sms REG yourCityName to 09845398453
  • You will Receive your password immediately,Now Go to mytoday.com and Log in with your mobile number and password.
  • To get scraps as SMS >> Go to Feed Management Page >> Go to “Add Feed” >> In the “name” field put “scraps” and in the “URL” field put
  • http://www.orkutfeeds.com/feed.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.orkut.com%2FScrapbook.aspx%3Fuid%3DYOURUID


  • Scraps/emails sent to you via sms are 5-6 hours late.
  • The word limit is 71. So you wont get to read the full scrap/email if it exceeds 71 words.
  • This Hack wont work if your scrapbook is locked or Blog set as private.
  • This whole trick/process is for Indian cell users only.
  • If You are using email services which don’t provide ( hotmail/live mail, zapak, rediff, indiatimes ) mail forwarding option ; you can’t read them in your mobile.
  • The emails that you are auto forwarding to blogger.com must be less than 10 MB in size.

More info And screenshots : http://123orkut.blogspot.com/2008/02/receive-your-orkut-scraps-on-your.html