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Private Communities? Orkut is becoming complex day by day. Now , the latest addon is private communities. What exactly is a private community – Communities that are only open to people who share your email domain.

How does it work? First, enter the email address for the domain you share with your classmates or colleagues into the contacts tab of your profile. When creating a new community, simply choose the “validated – email validation required” option, then select the domain from the drop down box. Anyone who wants to join the community will first be required to validate his or her email address from that domain before being allowed to join.

For example, i have this site – neo999.com which is a biking blog. I want to have a private community only for the co-authors in my blog. So i can add an option like this –

The Domain neo999.com is automatically present in the list because i have given that domain in my profile as my webpage.

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