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A new addition to Orkut – Community Recommendations. Just a week ago they introduced a much useful Photo Tagging feature, which is still left unused by many users. Community Recommendations help us to join communities that ‘may’ be useful to us. Orkut compares the communities where we have already joined with other similar and large communities in Orkut. If a match is found, orkut will recommend it to us. Also, if a community have several friends of you as members, then it will be added to the recommended list assuming that it will be a community that you would like to join. A similar feature was introduced in FaceBook which recommends you more friends. It seems like google is trying hard to give a facelift to Orkut. 🙂

Community recommendations are shown in Home page positioned just above the community list.Or it can be reached through this link  ->http://www.orkut.co.in/Communities.aspx?tab=5

An option to turn this feature off is also present. You can cancel the recommendations by clicking the small symbol near the listings.

Inside the community recommendation page ( http://www.orkut.co.in/Communities.aspx?tab=5 ) we can see more recommendations. Clicking on “Why was I recommended this?” link will show the reason for that particular recommendation.

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