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I just happened to see this issue among a few bloggers and a “reputed” website. This “reputed” company which many of you know and many others may be “proud” members of it is and the bloggers include many malayalam bloggers. I am not familiar with malayalam bloggers or their blogs, but i have a respect to them for publishing contents in my mother tongue, which i failed to do. I read them once in a while. And during such a rare visit to one of the Malayalam Blog, i found this surprising issue. You can find the details here,

I request every one to read it and show some kind of support. Its not an issue with two individuals. I dont even know who she is or i havent been to her site before. But this particular incident is so touching and thats why i am posting it here. Also,  I am going to post this post to my non-personal blog (Which has a fair readership)  for giving much popularity as this matter deserves much more attention. Think about some one abusing your own sister or mother in a public road. And what will be your reaction? This issue is much higher than that. Internet is a public place where once said ‘can’ stay there for long. Posting with her blogger id on porn sites , starting websites with hr blogger id ( – which is as of now suspended) , and creating email spoofs are enough to qualify as a serious crime.

Please read more about this issue : (Malayalam)

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