FireFox 3 Download Day 2008


Download Day 2008

Haven’t heard about it yet? The release of Firefox 3 will be made in a few minutes (Tue 10:30 PM Indian Standard Time). They are making this event a huge one by attempting for a world record in most downloaded file in a day. I am high with sky high expectations about Firefox 3. I am already using RC3 of Firefox 3 and I am pretty much satisfied with features and stability(In Linux). Already 1,736,232 people  pledged for downloading the FireFox 3 (When checked now @ 9.50 PM Jun 17 )

So what you are waiting for? Go and take a pledge!!

Download Day 2008

PS: The site is down at the moment due to the world record usage! =)) How they expected to set up a record without enough infrastructure?

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