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Right now i am in Mangalore, the port city of South India. I am starting to love this city for its infrastructure and the left-alone-areas inside the city. You can find mini-forests inside the core city , and the place where i stay now is behind such a mini-forest. The pollution and rush as you see in other indian cities are not seen here. A calm but lively city.May be there is some restricitons for new constructions. With the booming Land trade in India, it was a surprise for me to find such vast unused spaces right in the heart of the city. Even if it was a park or something like LalBagh in Bangalore, it makes sense. But atleast it helps in making the air fresh and pollution free.

The commercial centers are not as big as bangalore or even cochin, and the malls are under occupied. I have been to the Bharath Mall here, near where i stays. Its small and i spoted many non-occupied floor spaces in it. May be, the trend of urban shopping is catching up in Mangalore. And i was amused to find the hottest southindian movie as of now, Dasavatharam running in a half occupied Theater. With a large Tamil speaking population here, it was quite unpleasing. I wonder how they are running in profit. By the way i got a new pair of Reebok Canvas from there. I was looking for a right model for the past one month. Now i got it!

Reebok Canvas

My new Pair of canvas!

There is nothing much here as tourist spots. Somehow my friend here whom i am staying with says there is a fort and beach which will be a nice spot to spend a day. May be we will be going there today. Or like yesterday a full day inside the room sleeping!!

Will be back with more mangalore infos…:) Byee!!

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