Rainy Rainy Ride..


I love riding in rain. Especially if its a night ride. People says rain and bikes wont match. But for me, nothing is more romantic than a wet night ride through my favourite city. I feel like the roads get a life when its wet. They are colorful and animated when its wet. The neon reflections and light from the brake lights gives it a sexy look. Tonight was one of those lucky nights . I roamed around Trivandrum from south to north to west to east in rain..I got new tires for my bike a couple of days back. So it was a “riskfree” ride 😉 . Put some smooth music (i use Mobile+Headphone ) or speak to your loved ones (Not recommended! 😉 ) and keep going. After sometime, your body will let you know that its time to go home or to get a shelter by putting on the vibrate mode.Fools call it shivering. Never care , keep riding. You will get used to it soon.

If you are like me , a few things to care before such a romantic ride :

* Get couple of  plastic covers to keep your mobile/wallet etc.

* A Rain Jacket is a no-no as it kills the thrill.

* Ride slow and keep distance with vehicles to avoid harsh braking. Seriously , it can Kill you! 🙂

* Gear/Engine braking is preferred than normal braking to avoid skidding.

* Keep your helmet visor open to have a clear view and to enjoy the rain drops on your face 😉

PS: If anything happens to you /your bike or any one else by doing the above mentioned act , I am not responsible for the losses 😛

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By srijithv

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