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Month: July 2008

Rock on!!

I know , review of a creative piece is not my terrain. But its music! Something which i cant perform but I’m addicted. Rock on!! was exceptionally great and I couldnt resist writing about it here. Ofcourse like everyone out there i downloaded my ‘copy’ one day after the cd release. Copied it to my mobile as usual and forgot about it. A few days after ,i had to make a long ride on bike and wanted to hear something fresh and lively. Selected Rock On!! from the list and plugged in my earphones. First song. Guitar? A metal work? I wanted to check the list as i doubted it as some metal track in playlist. There goes the hindi lyrics. A perfect blending vocal and head-bange-able beats. Aasman hai neela kyon? Paani geela Geela Kyon? Gol kyon hai zameen Wooh!! First track was really rocking! Socha Hai . Everything was perfect. The composing by Shankar-Eshan-Loy, Javed Akhtar’s simple but meaningful lyrics..Above all, crooning voice of Farhan! I kept shaking my head. Something which you can call as an Instant Fan! Yea, I got addicted to his voice. Never thought him as a Singer ! Atleast we now dont need over-the-border voice to be said as ‘rocking one’. Next track was Pichle Saath Dino Mein. Again , a good guitar work starts the track. Perfect rythm to keep banging....

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I was seeing it.. Splitting my blog again. i think it would be better if i can keep my personal blog posts away from techy stuff. Thing to be decided now is , whether i must have a seperate domain or a subdomain of any existing one? Need your help guys.. [poll...

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Making Gmail Remote Logoff Work in Internet Explorer 6

I got this tip from a commenter in my previous post about Remote Logoff in Gmail. Sharing it here for those who are still using Internet Explorer 6 or any browsers on which this feature wont work. Gmail checks whether the browser is a compatible one or not and then only displays the link to this feature. But however, if you know the file url , it can be easily used. Follow these steps: 1) change your browser’s user agent string (you can use something like “Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1)”), close the browser and reopen it in order the change to take effect. From now your browser will be identified as IE7 2) Log in to Gmail with your account, et voilà, “Last account activity” is available on the bottom of the page. You click it and the popup opens. Save the url of this page, which will work on all browsers, then undo the changes you made to the user agent string of IE6 and restart the browser. When you are logged onto Gmail and you need the “Last account activity” page, simply use the url you previously...

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Last day in Mangalore

I was loving the last few days , even though i was stuck in a hotel room alone half the time. I started loving this city , infact you dont feel it as a ‘city’ unless you are in MG road or near the main center of action – Bharath Mall.  The residential areas have this Kerala feel , greenary and chill. I still wonder how they manage to keep the major portion of the core city green and open. There are no big flats or huge office complexes. Urban life shrinks to the one average sized mall at the end of MG road. It seems like crime is on the lower side as i couldnt see many cops in the road. And the most , most , most important thing is , the girls here are pretty! 😉 I’l be leaving mangalore tommorow to Bangalore. Heard that Reliance Mall has been opened in Bangalore. Need to check it out. Bangalore is like my second city. The only city i am comfortable with other than my hometown , Trivandrum. The budweiser inside me is telling again and again that its time to close the laptop and to hit my sacks. So bye bye and...

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My Life on 2008-07-10

: Fluid shares Insect Pornography # : Fluid is looking for a hospital in Manglore…My friend is sick.. # : Fluid wants to check Lively …But i am on mobile now.. # : Fluid will check Lively after 2 days when i am back in home # : Fluid is Sipping a cocktail and enjoying the manglore climate! # : Fluid wants a change… What should i do tonight? # : Fluid thinks i am a Speedster...

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