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Rock on!!


I know , review of a creative piece is not my terrain. But its music! Something which i cant perform but I’m addicted. Rock on!! was exceptionally great and I couldnt resist writing about it here. Ofcourse like everyone out there i downloaded my ‘copy’ one day after the cd release. Copied it to my mobile as usual and forgot about it. A few days after ,i had to make a long ride...



I was seeing it.. Splitting my blog again. i think it would be better if i can keep my personal blog posts away from techy stuff. Thing to be decided now is , whether i must have a seperate domain or a subdomain of any existing one? Need your help guys..
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Making Gmail Remote Logoff Work in Internet Explorer 6


I got this tip from a commenter in my previous post about Remote Logoff in Gmail. Sharing it here for those who are still using Internet Explorer 6 or any browsers on which this feature wont work. Gmail checks whether the browser is a compatible one or not and then only displays the link to this feature. But however, if you know the file url , it can be easily used. Follow these steps: 1) change...

Last day in Mangalore


I was loving the last few days , even though i was stuck in a hotel room alone half the time. I started loving this city , infact you dont feel it as a ‘city’ unless you are in MG road or near the main center of action – Bharath Mall.  The residential areas have this Kerala feel , greenary and chill. I still wonder how they manage to keep the major portion of the core city...

My Life on 2008-07-10


: Fluid shares Insect Pornography #
: Fluid is looking for a hospital in Manglore…My friend is sick.. #
: Fluid wants to check Lively …But i am on mobile now.. #
: Fluid will check Lively after 2 days when i am back in home #
: Fluid is Sipping a cocktail and enjoying the manglore climate! #
: Fluid wants a change… What should i do tonight? #
: Fluid thinks i am a Speedster #

Am I a speedster?


I never had this doubt in my mind. But now i think i am a speedster. I mean a speedster while I talk. People often give back a confused  I-didnt-get-what-you-told look when i talk to them. They say i talk too fast for them to pick up. Am I? Its more evident while i talk in English or Hindi , but even in  my mother tongue Malayalam, I am too fast. Any one knows the real problem behind it? I read...

My Life on 2008-07-08


: Fluid is in Mangalore again… # : Fluid says i just had my first GPS assisted journey # : Fluid shares beta code "dreamofping" for to get in on the beta action! # : Fluid Testing # : Fluid is translating in Malayalam # : Fluid is worried about my money in paypal.. I couldnt verify the account because of the error in second name ! # : Fluid is...

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