Am I a speedster?


I never had this doubt in my mind. But now i think i am a speedster. I mean a speedster while I talk. People often give back a confused  I-didnt-get-what-you-told look when i talk to them. They say i talk too fast for them to pick up. Am I? Its more evident while i talk in English or Hindi , but even in  my mother tongue Malayalam, I am too fast. Any one knows the real problem behind it? I read somewhere that the talking speed is directly proprtional to one’s thinking power. So i am a fast thinker? Now i am confused. I really want to put some speed breaks in my speech. I havent heard about any speech trainers in Trivandrum. I think i need proffessional help or it will affect in my social life seriously. I can see a future where people run away from me .. 🙁

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  • sreejith

    I also have this same problem..(if its beacause of fast too happy.heehe).

    i do speak faster n louder whether its in a group or over phone..i am trying to reduce the speed now.i do say my self ‘nishanth u r speaking faster..come down come down..’
    wot to do man..?

  • Yes, it’s from the same roots as stuttering, I believe: lack of confidence. You’re afraid, subconsciously, that no one really wants to listen to you and so you try to get what you have to say out as fast as possible.

By srijithv

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