Last day in Mangalore


I was loving the last few days , even though i was stuck in a hotel room alone half the time. I started loving this city , infact you dont feel it as a ‘city’ unless you are in MG road or near the main center of action – Bharath Mall.  The residential areas have this Kerala feel , greenary and chill. I still wonder how they manage to keep the major portion of the core city green and open. There are no big flats or huge office complexes. Urban life shrinks to the one average sized mall at the end of MG road. It seems like crime is on the lower side as i couldnt see many cops in the road. And the most , most , most important thing is , the girls here are pretty! 😉 I’l be leaving mangalore tommorow to Bangalore. Heard that Reliance Mall has been opened in Bangalore. Need to check it out. Bangalore is like my second city. The only city i am comfortable with other than my hometown , Trivandrum.

The budweiser inside me is telling again and again that its time to close the laptop and to hit my sacks. So bye bye and goodnight..

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By srijithv

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