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I know , review of a creative piece is not my terrain. But its music! Something which i cant perform but I’m addicted. Rock on!! was exceptionally great and I couldnt resist writing about it here. Ofcourse like everyone out there i downloaded my ‘copy’ one day after the cd release. Copied it to my mobile as usual and forgot about it.

A few days after ,i had to make a long ride on bike and wanted to hear something fresh and lively. Selected Rock On!! from the list and plugged in my earphones. First song. Guitar? A metal work? I wanted to check the list as i doubted it as some metal track in playlist. There goes the hindi lyrics. A perfect blending vocal and head-bange-able beats.

Aasman hai neela kyon? Paani geela Geela Kyon?

Gol kyon hai zameen

Wooh!! First track was really rocking! Socha Hai . Everything was perfect. The composing by Shankar-Eshan-Loy, Javed Akhtar’s simple but meaningful lyrics..Above all, crooning voice of Farhan! I kept shaking my head. Something which you can call as an Instant Fan! Yea, I got addicted to his voice. Never thought him as a Singer ! Atleast we now dont need over-the-border voice to be said as ‘rocking one’.

Next track was Pichle Saath Dino Mein. Again , a good guitar work starts the track. Perfect rythm to keep banging. It had funny but rhyming lyrics like ,

Meri laundry ka ek bill , Ek aadhi padhi Novel

Ek ladki ka phone number,Mere kam ka ek paper

Mere tash se heart ka king,Mere ek chandi ka ring

I kept singing Tara na na na Tara na na na na.. 🙂 To be frank i didnt get the theme of the song. Have to wait for the video.

Next one seems to be the title track- Rock On!!. A sure hit like ‘Dil chahtha hai..”.

Next track was a female one. I expected a Elizabeth Elmore type voice 😉 . But Dominique Cerejo didnt let my hope down. Voice and mood of the song was nice.

The last thing one would expect in a Bollywood album will be Hard Rock! We have punk , rap ,pop everything. But this was some one never attempted in Bollywood. Zehreelay was a hard rock with a growling voice of Suraj Jaggan . If you love Disturbed , this one is for you – The Hard rock fan!

From the rest of the tracks, Sindbad the sailor was a ‘long’ but a nice one. Except the last one Phir dhekhiye all tracks were nice! Criteria no:1and last for me to buy the original disc! I bought the original CD on that day itself! Its really worth it.

Here is the full track list :

For those who want CRBT or Hellotunes, please check the list :

Rock On!! Hello Tunes

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