( Non Mallu readers please Excuse! )

I went for this movie last night. And the thoughts about the theme were still haunting me. To be frank it was an average movie with a diffrent plot. Renjith deserves an applause for making this film. But what really makes this different is , it is based on Malayalam Film Industry. It spans across 3 decades of Malayalam Film Industry. The characters seems to have similarities with real Actors. Ok, The story is like this, ….  For those who dont want to read the story – Stop here!  Anyway , I am not telling the complete story.

The basic story is about an actor’s career from a Villian to SuperStar. He was introduced to the Film as an Anti Hero who loves the Hero’s Girl friend. Hero , Heroine and Anti-hero are freshers! Striked something? Yea.. Manjil Virinja Pookal.  He later married the heroine in real life and somehow they got split. The Anti Hero had the look and mannerisms of MohanLal . He later became superstar and the heroine was into mother roles. The climax is the re – entry of the heroine as a cancer patient after struggling with some low profile roles. Priyamani made the heroine role excellent. She did justice to the role.

So, what we all thought after seeing the movie was, why the central character was portrayed as Mohanlal? The heroine , supposedly a film version of SriVidya who was a victim of breast cancer had a story like this? As far as I know, Mohanlal was not linked to Srividya. But why the film made us think like that? Just because its a film? The makers ofcourse meant Srividya in Priyamani. Thats what this poster says,

But why MohanLal?? Any answers?


Photos from : Prithviz