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I thought I live in a secular country. I was wrong.I live on a land where anything can stir up a revolt, from a word interlocutor to cows. The level of violence rises up with respect to the attachment of the issue with a religion. The reason for this post is the recent issue on banning beef. The government of India decided to introduce a bill banning the sale of beef across India, stating the reason that Cows are sacred for Hindus. They say Cow slaughtering is disturbing the Hindu minds. Fair reason I must say. But if it has to be imposed, we must have a ban on rat poisons too. Rats are sacred too for Hindus. There are temples where they feed rats. So why not a move on that side? We all know this ban is for gaining sentiments for votes! Pure vote bank oriented move.

You may think of me as an extreme anti-Hindu. But wait, by birth I am a Hindu even though I am not a follower of it, or any religion. By this post, I am having no intention to ignite another religious flame war. All I need to say is, if a part of the population doesn’t want to have beef, then consider it as their choice. Why should we force the non-followers to follow their practices? I think in all religion, alcohol is disfavoured. Can the government ban Alchohol for this reason? Banking based on interest is not allowed in Islam. Will the government ban banks for this?

The answer will be no. Because it all rests on personal choice. If I believe cows are sacred, I’ll avoid beef from my diet. But I have no right to force my neighbor to stop eating beef. Do I? Do you?

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By srijithv

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