New Year, New Place, New Hitches: Part 1


Neither the irritating alarm or the cramped sleeping posture was enough to wake me up me from sleep  till 7 in the morning. I went to bed with a heavy head and a light stomach last night and today is my first day in our new rented apartment in Cochin. I was not in a mood for surrendering to no-sense alarms.

Last night was a terror, with horrified truths getting unveiled about the electricity problems in the flat (No KSEB connection, and it’s running on a diesel generator 24/7!). And it was the first day in the history of its inmates without electricity for more than 4 hours. Since I reached there around 5 in the evening until I woke up in the morning, we had power for merely 2 hours. It was heard from the security that the flat maker – Apple A Day, has decided to stop supplying fuel for the generator. The free electricity days for the inmates are about to end.We were, in fact, happy to hear that news, as it was a strong excuse for us to claim our advance back and seek for a better accommodation.

Still with a heavy head from last day’s headache, I crawled out of the bed and started to get ready for the first day in new office. Need to be there by 8.30 which seems to be a fairly easy task considering the short distance to the office. Time was just 7 Am. Just after I finished brushing, Jose – my apartment mate, called to join for a fag. His room is opposite to mine, after a wide hall. The hall had a small balcony which is accessible through a sliding glass door. We have already decided to follow a strict no smoking policy inside the house. The balcony was selected as our smoking spot, which seemed reasonable, till then.

I grabbed a fag from my bag and joined Jose in the balcony, who was waiting for me, or to be precise, the lighter with me. “We need to get ready by 8 to be in office in time” – said Jose while pulling the first smoke of the day. I nodded and noted a curl of smoke entering the hall through the open sliding door. Without a second thought, I closed the sliding door to keep the smoke outside of the main room.


The sound made a shiver run through my spine. The door got locked! The only two poor residents got locked out in the 2×8 balcony and the main door is latched from inside. I checked my pockets for my mobile, as that was my instinct reaction. None! Same was for Jose who was now standing still, shocked and with an i-am-crying-without-tears face. So the two of us are in the balcony, with a pack of cigarettes, a cheap plastic lighter and drained hearts. “I knew it has auto locks!” – Jose said in trembling voice, half with the anger towards me and half with the fear of dying there without food or water  (He revealed the second half later! )!

We tried shouting to the people 10 floors down us on the road.. Our voice was not enough to reach them. Break the glass?

– To be continued-

PS: This *story* is not a *story*.


Part 2 is here:

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