New Year, New Place, New Hitches: Part 2


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Running out of options, we stood there confused and needled. Jose, in mean time have started making funny faces and even funnier noises out of irritation. I suggested to break open the glass door with the lighter in my hand and take off the lock. But Jose ruled out that option as he was not ready for taking another chance of getting injured by the broken glass pieces!  “You did it because you want me to send you back to Trivandrum!” – He kept uttering this sentence in between the long and loud hauling to grab attention of very few people walking along the lane 10 floors down.

I was sure that if we wait for an hour, the workers in the adjacent building might come in our sight and we can get their attention. We just need to wait till their working hours. [if (reader == ‘jose’) skipThis(); ]Jose was nearly into a mentally broken stage and his voice started to sound more like a girl.

In between, an old man walking through the back street heard Jose’s howling and noticed two young chaps in a balcony waving their hands. Wondering what would be the reason, he replied to our hand gestures. That traffic cop play went on for a minute and with a more confused mind, the man walked away. There went a slight hope! Jose returned to his panic mode again. I sat on the floor and started to ‘relax’ again.

After a few minutes, the same old man to whom we played action games, appeared on the front side of our flat and he was with our security guy. So the message got down! Now we got the hope back for getting out of the balcony and the worries were more about how to minimize the damage to the apartment in rescuing us.

Option 1: Security man have to break open the front door. Front door have to be replaced after that, adding close to 20000 for a teak wood door. Glass balcony doors can be opened from inside, so the lose will be 20000 Rs.

Option 2: The security man have to some how get us a tool by which the glass balcony doors can be broken. Glass doors can be replaced within 2000 Rs,

Obviously the preferred option for us was number 2. But things are not as easy as it seems initially. The tough part in option 2 will be in handing over the tool to us. They can either throw it to us from the opposite building or hang it down or push it up from floors above or below us. These were the ideas in our mind. The toughest part is to pass it on to the security man. Jose belong to that minority who can understand hindi very well, but talking hindi is alien. For sample, a face to face talk with the security man during the car parking session everynight goes like this.

Jose: “Car .. park.. yeha?”

Security: “Nahi, yeha jagah nahi hei. Aap tho zara aage jaake park karo”

Jose: “Park? waha?? Yeha nahi? Okay”

My voice have less treble to get it carried all the way down 10 floors making my *superior* knowledge in hindi useless. So you now can guess our toughest job. Yes, conveying the problem and our super duper rescue tactic (option 2) to the security man down there.

Few fruitless attempts to talk with the security on ground were made by Jose by then. May be because of the thundering voice of Jose or by our luck (whatever that’s left) a sleepy face peeped out from the same floor in opposite building. He seemed to be disturbed from a calm sleep.

The first voice from him calmed both of us down like a QA missing the most anticipated bug in the code[Forgive me for the lame comparison, but I am a developer and so that is excusable  ]. It was “Entha chettanmaare kaaryam” [[ What’s the matter? ]]. Yes a Mallu!! You now may be wondering whether we were not in Kerala. Yes we were, but in Kakkanad in Kochi and Kazhakootam in Trivandrum, seeing a North Indian construction worker have more probability than seeing a mallu.

Without the language or the height barrier, we quickly conveyed the issue and our solutions to him. He ruled out our option 2 just on hearing it. He said he got better plans. His idea was to break open the front door with no damage to the door. Slam the door near the top latch ((Refresh!! refresh!! That’s the only lock in the door at that moment as I said in the previous post!!)) so that only the top latch holder will be pulled out from the screws. He was a carpenter and have better system knowledge (!!) than us. Finally, he added these words..

“Njan onne palle theche kulichittokke varam. Avide rest cheyyuu!” [[I’ll come after brushing and a bath! Take rest!]]

Yes, he has every right to be fresh and clean before rescuing two innocent souls!  He took exactly 18 minutes to complete his daily chores and we saw him walking towards our building. No power in our apartment means, he has to climb all the steps to the 8th floor.

[[Switching to mallu film mode>> fast forward climax]]

He came, he slammed, he rescued! Minimal damage to our apartment and a happy ending minus the heroine!

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