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Month: June 2011

Love At First Song

“Dude!! What was that song you sang last night? The one from K3G!” – Anish broke my yawning practice session. I was close to mastering the art of yawning without the teacher getting a hint of it! Botany was too hard for me to digest than the toughest meal possible, and here I am in a class spitting Greek and Roman bits of botanical names. Twenty odd girls and boys in their best time of life wasting an hour each every Sunday, acting to be listening to the unusually dark haired botanical teacher for the sake of The Medical Entrance Training tuition. “Which one? The Sajna one?” – I asked annoyingly, for breaking my yawning saga. “Yea! That’s it. Do you know the lyrics?” – He grinned. That was quite an unusual approach from him to ask *me* the lyrics for he being superior than me in remembering lyrics. I raised my brows in reply. “Dude! This is a prank! I need the lyrics. Let’s have a trick on Anoop” – He grinned wider This Anoop and Anish are my cousins, and Botany tution class is the only place where we three happened to attend together. Anish explained me the prank. The class seating layout is such that the master brain behind it wanted only botany, not zoology to be learned from class. Girls sit in front rows and guys...

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For Sale!

Riding back to the apartment I stopped by a shop to have some tea. You know the benefits of being a regular, you get the instant recognition and you needn’t order anything. Just be at where you are and your regular orders reach you! So, here I am with a cup of tea, staring into the night decorated with reflections from a light rain, sitting in my usual place – a small parapet wall separating the parking lot and the shop, which I believed is the best spot to sip my tea while guarding my ride and helmet.A few guys from the nearby call center were around me making fun of their floor managers and the angry callers. I kept listening to them, picking up hints and links to get the complete picture of their office floor life. I was distracted by the strong head lights of a car, which was trying to park infront of the shop. The parking maneuver itself proved that the driver is just out from a pretty good night out party with enough alcohol in his head. It almost hit my bike. Two guys and two girls came out of the car, giggling at the driver guy. It was past midnight and the loud girly sounds suppressed the rest of the talks going around, for a few moments only. The world swung back into...

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