ArchiveJune 2011

Love At First Song


“Dude!! What was that song you sang last night? The one from K3G!” – Anish broke my yawning practice session. I was close to mastering the art of yawning without the teacher getting a hint of it! Botany was too hard for me to digest than the toughest meal possible, and here I am in a class spitting Greek and Roman bits of botanical names. Twenty odd girls and boys in their best time of life...

For Sale!


Riding back to the apartment I stopped by a shop to have some tea. You know the benefits of being a regular, you get the instant recognition and you needn’t order anything. Just be at where you are and your regular orders reach you! So, here I am with a cup of tea, staring into the night decorated with reflections from a light rain, sitting in my usual place – a small parapet wall separating the...

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