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Riding back to the apartment I stopped by a shop to have some tea. You know the benefits of being a regular, you get the instant recognition and you needn’t order anything. Just be at where you are and your regular orders reach you! So, here I am with a cup of tea, staring into the night decorated with reflections from a light rain, sitting in my usual place – a small parapet wall separating the parking lot and the shop, which I believed is the best spot to sip my tea while guarding my ride and helmet.A few guys from the nearby call center were around me making fun of their floor managers and the angry callers. I kept listening to them, picking up hints and links to get the complete picture of their office floor life.
I was distracted by the strong headlights of a car, which was trying to park in front of the shop. The parking maneuver itself proved that the driver is just out from a pretty good night out party with enough alcohol in his head. It almost hit my bike. Two guys and two girls came out of the car, giggling at the driver guy. It was past midnight and the loud girly sounds suppressed the rest of the talks going around, for a few moments only. The world swung back into its momentum in a minute. I pulled myself from the newbies back to the call center talks. For sure, these call center guys hate their managers!
I was about to leave the shop when someone squeezed into the tiny space between me and the tip of the parapet. It was one of those girls from the party gang. She gave a sleepy smile at me, pulled my wrist and checked the time. “2.30!” she screamed. Well, if the same is done by a guy to a random girl, you know what the result will be. I was taken aback by her approach and stared at her in numb. Was that she or the alcohol? Oh my! I know her. She sure seemed to be a familiar face to me, but I was struggling to recollect. As always and with everything, I am bad in keeping memories.
“I have seen you. Do we know?” – She asked
“Err.. I guess we know. I mean, we have seen each other.” – I mumbled, switching to parallel processing mode digging my histories to get a trace while answering her.
“Have been to Trivandrum? I think I have a pic in my home with you and Mr.XXXX from a party in Trivandrum” – She said.
“Yes, there we go!” – I guess I went over excited.
A tiny clue! This Mr.XXXX she was referring to is actually a friend of a friend of a friend of mine who I had talked with only once in a party. So, she might have been there also with him and we might have been in a single frame.
“Actually Mr.XXXX is my ex-BF. I dumped him and moved to this city now last month.”
Now, I made sure that it’s the alcohol is speaking, not her. No stranger girl has ever revealed her past relations in the second line of a conversation to another stranger! I made a quick search through the corner of my eyes for the guys who were with her. I have to make sure that I leave that place in a single piece!
I made that face which you make when you have nothing to tell in a conversation. She continued blabbering something about her and at times raising questions about me. I still have no clue about her name, neither did she I guess!
“Do you have a place for us to stay?” – THIS question brought me back to the reality from the history hunting process.
“What?” – I really wanted to make sure that the question I heard was the question she asked. And to increase my heartbeat, she didn’t seem half as drunk she looked before.
“It’s too late for us, and can we stay at your place.” – She asked again counting the other girl with her.
“I wish I could help you, but I have my apartment overcrowded with friends tonight” – That was an instant lie I brought up.
“Oh. I prefer fewer people” – She winked and replied in a husky tone.
Oh yea! NOW, it’s time to scoot. It didn’t take even a second for me to process the intention behind her answer. I smelled danger and stood up leaving her no chance to talk any more. Walked straight to the counter, paid the bill. Pulling the phone out of my pocket, and pretending to be on a call, again to avoid a chance of conversation, I walked to the bike. I am not sure why I was frightened, I can always reject the *offer* if it comes, but something made me do it all in a hurry. Just when I was about to put my helmet, she reached near me.
“I got that you got me. But it ain’t free okay? So if you feel fine, or if your friends are looking for one, give it” – She said after writing her number over raindrops in my bikes seat and walked away.
Yes, she was for sale.

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