Love At First Song


“Dude!! What was that song you sang last night? The one from K3G!” – Anish broke my yawning practice session. I was close to mastering the art of yawning without the teacher getting a hint of it! Botany was too hard for me to digest than the toughest meal possible, and here I am in a class spitting Greek and Roman bits of botanical names. Twenty-odd girls and boys in their best time of life wasting an hour each every Sunday, acting to be listening to the unusually dark haired botanical teacher for the sake of The Medical Entrance Training tuition.

“Which one? The Sajna one?” – I asked annoyingly, for breaking my yawning saga.

“Yea! That’s it. Do you know the lyrics?” – He grinned.

That was quite an unusual approach from him to ask *me* the lyrics for he being superior to me in remembering lyrics. I raised my brows in reply.

“Dude! This is a prank! I need the lyrics. Let’s have a trick on Anoop” – He grinned wider

This Anoop and Anish are my cousins, and Botany tuition class is the only place where we three happened to attend together. Anish explained me the prank. The class seating layout is such that the master brain behind it wanted only botany, not zoology to be learned from the class. Girls sit in front rows and guys behind that. We three being extremely studious chose the first possible row for guys to get the words from the master in the best possible way without losing its charm and freshness. Unfortunately, I stress, Unfortunately, it came just behind the last row for girls. So the prank goes like this,

Sajna is the unlucky girl who happened to be always late to the class in her Dad’s loud kinetic honda and get the last row for girls. The smarter ones come before dawn and grab the front rows, just like us to get the master’s word fresh and live. No, not because they wanted to keep a safe distance from us. Anish’s mastermind worked out a plan to connect Anoop and Sajna for reasons known only to him till date. And like every other teenage romance, he needed a Love Letter to start things work out. K3G was recently released and the song “Sajna..” seemed to be a perfect fit for the letter. So now, he is writing a letter to Sajna on behalf of Anoop, without his knowledge of course! What he needs from me is the lyrics.

“Brilliant!! Awesome idea man! I’m on the team!” – I was in for whatever pranks to whomever! “But I don’t know the full lyrics“.

Those where the days without a GPRS enabled mobile for instant googling. I tried, tried and got tired. “This won’t work. Let’s go home and fix everything for next week. The song has to be there in the letter” – I accepted my defeat.

“No! Just try man! You know the first line.. try humming it. You will get the lyrics” – Anish was in no mood to retrieve.

“Sajnaa… ha yeh mera pehla pehla pyaaar hai..” – I kept repeating the same line till I gave up. Anoop was busy chatting with someone else, and the teacher was out to his room.

“Anish, that’s it. I don’t know the rest.”

“It’s ok.. Let’s give it today itself with just this line. Let me fill out the rest of the letter.” – He got buried into his notebook scribbling something *personal*. I checked Anoop, and he was not even in this side of the world. So things are fine so far!

“Done!” – Anish gave a shoulder bump and flashed me the letter.

“So, how we are gonna proceed? How can we make Anoop give it to her?” – I was confused.

“Never worry! I can manage that. Just watch me!” – He smirked and asked Anoop to give that paper to Sajna. With a smile, and without any doubts he passed that paper to her. Simple Logic! Sajna was sitting in the front row to the left of Anoop and we both were to the right of him. Why it’s not striking in time for me? Anish and I giggled each other for Anoop!

Thirty minutes! I was looking at that paper under Sajna’s book to check when she is going to open it and check. It was perfectly wrapped and at first sight itself, gave an impression of “Classified” content. I totally forgot it after that during the rush on leaving the classroom. On the stairs, Sajna was waiting with the letter. We three were coming down. Anish and I smiled at each other and he signaled to speed up to make Anoop face her alone. Smiling at her for her fate, I accelerated my walk down the stairs. Just when I was about to cross her, I looked at her again and gave a casual smile and crossed her down the stairs sharpening my ears to hear what she will tell Anoop.

“I am fine, if you are not over possessive” – I heard she telling to Anoop.

I looked back to see his what-when-why-who reaction.

“I don’t want to be tied up in a possessive relation. So if it’s okay with you, I am saying yes!” – she said.

I felt like the world is revolving around me and grabbed the stair rail to keep me from falling down.

“What? Me? Why? No!” – I was perplexed. She was talking to ME, not to Anoop.

I looked at my evil cousins. The two were standing up the stairs watching the drama and laughter. Prank it was! But on me! The letter was in fact written on my behalf with my name! The song I sang was the icing on the prank cake!

She had no reason not to believe that I wrote that! I stood there stunned. She walked past me, with a cute smile at me, to her Dad waiting for her in his kinetic honda which used to make the loudest noise in the city.

There goes my first ever romantic proposal! And got accepted in the first chance itself!

Sometimes, all you need is some good friends with you to get accepted by any girl!


Though it was my first proposal in an indirect way, and even after it was a success, I was mad at everyone that day. She got my landline number somehow, either from pranksters or it was there in the letter itself and called me that evening to my home. My Dad was the first one to answer it. Suspicious he was on the tone I talked with her. I was in deep anger and frustration on being the prank target. I should’ve told her the real story. But I just yelled at her and said not to call me again. Wondered and worried, she kept calling me again the same night. Dad popped the ultimate question of who she was to me. I got her mobile number (her elder sister’s actually, who was giving her full support), ran to the nearest booth and cursed her like anything. In between, I guess I would’ve told about the prank too. I talked to her sister too, who tried to calm me down understanding the confusions happened. I hung up and came back home. A few unanswered questions were waiting for me at home. The prime one for being rude to a girl on the phone.

Next Sunday. The last few before the entrance exams arrive and the classes are over. I was waiting for her. I am now calm and understood my mistake. I am going to apologize her, for being rude, for playing pranks. But she never came to that class, nor for any class after that. Till date, I’ve never seen her, never got that chance to apologize. I guess this is one story that all of my friends know by now, except the real one who needs to know it. Let this post be here, with a hope that, once she will come across it.



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