Into India – The Prelude


I was raised with stories of my father traveling across the nation, on duty. He was in the military and had to travel to the most challenging locations in India. All I had were the photos of it, on our album and the stories about adventures heard from my mother and father. I don’t know how many times I had lurked into those photos in the album, where he is camping on top of a glacier or in a desert. He did seem to be enjoying the burden of harsh weather. Growing up, I thought it would be easy to get going on such an adventure trip once I am old enough. Maybe I was not familiar with the term adventure and thought it was something you can do when you are an adult.

When I got my first bike, the idea of a cross-country trip barely crossed my mind. My first bike was a puny one, against my intentions. It was a clever trap to shut me up before I even started talking about better, powerful bikes. I got it before I ever even tried to ride one. All I had was a cycling balance, and slowly I learned to handle it. After a couple of days of struggle, I managed to do a solo ride of 160 KMs in it. I was barely 19, and the feel of riding solo was awesome.

The next update for the bike was due, and the only criteria I had was that the bike should be able to do long rides without struggling. Pulsar 180 was the bike and it did live up to it. Long rides were often, and I quit hostel and started to ride 100 KMs a day to college. That was the beginning of my love to travel. The love became strong when the update reached to Pulsar 220. After 3 days of purchasing that bike, I did a 1200 KM ride in 2 days to Yercaud from Trivandrum via Valparai. That was the beginning of many things. A gang of like-minded friends, the joy of group riding, hitting new limits in wide open roads in NH 7 and many more.

Fast forwarding to the present, I need some time away from everyone. And the best way to do that’s a solo drive.

Not sure where I will go or how far I will go. All I know is that I got two weeks, a car which is due for service in some 8000 Kms, and I am down south in India, so only way is to drive up towards North. De-monetization has kicked in, and I have to be prepared for the restrictions in withdrawing cash from ATMs. Friends helped, and pooling in with them, per person limitations of withdrawing cash is off for now. Still, have to be cautious in spending by cash, and should try to find alternatives.

Let’s see how far I can do with 14 days and 8000Kms.

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By srijithv

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