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The plan for the unplanned drive across India started 10 years back, and it never happened. This time, tides are in my favour and to this last moment I am in for this drive. If this realise, I can tick off one of the last 2 things in my must-do-before-die list.  Upto where I go is not yet decided. Let it evolve as I proceed.

Scribbles of my travel log will be added here as time and internet permit.


screen-shot-2016-12-20-at-9-56-42-amI knew it will be the longest stretch I will on this entire trip, because I am starting from home, can save a day if I can skip stay in Bangalore and roads are good. What I didn’t anticipate is the long queues in Toll gates. Either you don’t have cash and want to use paytm / card or you have cash but not change, or the worse you have change, but you need to make change for your shining new 2000 note! Fasttag lanes are empty though! Making a self note to buy fasttag asap for the rest of the day.

I drove through one of the best roads I have ever driven in India so far. The ORR in Hyderabad. Though the construction is not completed, upto what they had is awesome. And I think people in Hyderabad know how to keep lane than any where else (Bangalore – are you listening?).

A long drive of 23 hours came to an end at an Oyo room hidden deep inside the newly constructed (being constructed!) city of Cyberabad. No complaints on the room quality, and they provided the exact GPS location in OYO listing as well. But once you reach near, you will be surprised to drive to through roads which are on map, but not on reality! Any way, trust your GPS and you will reach there.

Distance covered: 1117 Kms.  (Kochi – Palakkad – Bangalore – Hyderabad)

See you tomorrow!