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FireFox 3 Download Day 2008

Haven’t heard about it yet? The release of Firefox 3 will be made in a few minutes (Tue 10:30 PM Indian Standard Time). They are making this event a huge one by attempting for a world record in most downloaded file in a...

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Blog Theft!

I just happened to see this issue among a few bloggers and a “reputed” website. This “reputed” company which many of you know and many others may be “proud” members of it is and...

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2008 – Year of Mobile??

I have been hearing this for last 4~6 year- “Next year is of Mobiles!” Analysts, gurus, and pundits point to massive device adoption overseas. Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft continue to invest heavily in mobile...

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Google Phone Tomorrow?

We try to leave the rumors to other people, but there is definitely something new coming from Google tomorrow. English blog have been invited to a special event in which Google will be revealing a “product for...

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Blogs boost bike sales

BLOG POSTS are now finding their way into the marketing strategies of motorcycle makers. What started as platforms to share passions and frustrations of bikers are now being tracked by corporates to fine-tune their offerings....

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India Govt Banned Blogspot

First of all , sorry for a big Delay in blogging. Its my post after a one month gap. Actually i was busy with some other stuffs..Went to Delhi for week and i was completly offline for 7~8 days. Anyway i am still busy but i...

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