Orkut : Private communities


Private Communities? Orkut is becoming complex day by day. Now , the latest addon is private communities. What exactly is a private community – Communities that are only open to people who share your email domain. How does it work? First, enter the email address for the domain you share with your classmates or colleagues into the contacts tab of your profile. When creating a new community...

Orkut’s Community Recommendations


A new addition to Orkut – Community Recommendations. Just a week ago they introduced a much useful Photo Tagging feature, which is still left unused by many users. Community Recommendations help us to join communities that ‘may’ be useful to us. Orkut compares the communities where we have already joined with other similar and large communities in Orkut. If a match is found...

Getting Orkut Scraps, Email Via Sms For Free


Now It is very simple way to get your orkut scraps / emails on yours mobile phones via SMS. No need of GPRS or WAP or Internet connection on your Mobile phones. No need of a Hi-FI OR Any Expensive Mobile phone. Just a simple cell phone needed which can receive SMS.No charges involved. It is totally FREE. This is a very cool hack which will Enable you to Receive your scraps on your mobiles via SMS...

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