Thirakkatha : Some Questions


 ( Non Mallu readers please Excuse! ) I went for this movie last night. And the thoughts about the theme were still haunting me. To be frank it was an average movie with a diffrent plot. Renjith deserves an applause for making this film. But what really makes this different is , it is based on Malayalam Film Industry. It spans across 3 decades of Malayalam Film Industry. The characters seems to...

Rock on!!


I know , review of a creative piece is not my terrain. But its music! Something which i cant perform but I’m addicted. Rock on!! was exceptionally great and I couldnt resist writing about it here. Ofcourse like everyone out there i downloaded my ‘copy’ one day after the cd release. Copied it to my mobile as usual and forgot about it. A few days after ,i had to make a long ride...

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