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I was seeing it.. Splitting my blog again. i think it would be better if i can keep my personal blog posts away from techy stuff. Thing to be decided now is , whether i must have a seperate domain or a subdomain of any existing...

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Malayalam Blog

Finally i started a Malayalam Blog. This one will stay there for long unlike the previous one. I am comfortable with wordpress and was looking for a way to write malayalam in WordPress. They says WordPress supports Unicode. But...

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Yea.. I am officially adding a new Nick 😉 . No its not ‘new’ . I adopted this name some times back when i was a gamer(Read CS ! :D) . So its almost a ‘3 year old new’.  My original nick was neo(Even...

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Here by i declare that, i am starting a personal blog again. I started bloging long back and what used to be a my-life-strory-blog turned out to be a biking blog ( . Now, since i dont want to mix up bike...

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Taking a break!

Atlast ..Exams are near. As i consider this as my last attempt and hoping that i’l clear my papers before leaving this college, i took a decision that i will make use of my brain now for exams.(Atleast i can try for it! )...

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Lost in Lust!

I have upgraded this blog to latest WordPress 2.3.1 . I wanted the Tagging support and so I couldn’t wait when wordpress launched their latest stable version. And I tried tagging!!!But in that process I lost all my...

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Two blogs..One Life

   As you all may have noticed this particular blog used to have several biking related posts in the past. Later I thought it would be better if I separate my biking and tech blog posts and decided to have two blogs . So I...

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Tough time!

Wheeww!! April is finally over! it has been a tough time for me , regarding the bandwidth issues.And first of all i appologize for  “Bandwidth over Limit” message displayed here for last 15 days.Some bots were...

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Messed Up with Bandwidth Limits!

I got up at around 10 AM today .Nothing unusual as its my routine on holidays. I decided to skip breakfast as i was toooo tired (by sleeping?? ) to walk to the hotel.Ate some fruits , and came online. Being online till 3 am last...

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My First post on WordPress!

So atlast i got my domain ready.And this is my first post from wordpress dashboard.Comparing to blogspot , wordpress seems to be far better in customizing and tweaking. Any way blogspot is a good option for beginners as it...

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