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Lost and Found


You know that feeling of something you had once, forgot for long and lost for ever? I am kind of going through that now with my blog. Blames on self, the ill-managed me put the key to the server somewhere in a hard disk and it is gone. This site was down for a few months. The saying “once on the internet, always on the internet” is not true in all cases. So even if I brought back the...



I was seeing it.. Splitting my blog again. i think it would be better if i can keep my personal blog posts away from techy stuff. Thing to be decided now is , whether i must have a seperate domain or a subdomain of any existing one? Need your help guys..
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Malayalam Blog


Finally i started a Malayalam Blog. This one will stay there for long unlike the previous one. I am comfortable with wordpress and was looking for a way to write malayalam in WordPress. They says WordPress supports Unicode. But i tried several times and couldnt save the unicode into the database. Malayalam will be shown in the editor and upto pressing “publish” button , everything is...



Yea.. I am officially adding a new Nick 😉 . No its not ‘new’ . I adopted this name some times back when i was a gamer(Read CS ! :D) . So its almost a ‘3 year old new’.  My original nick was neo(Even before first Matrix).. And i had this email id ‘[email protected]’ Some how i lost that account and so started [email protected] Later i lost that too. I then added a...



Here by i declare that, i am starting a personal blog again. I started bloging long back and what used to be a my-life-strory-blog turned out to be a biking blog ( . Now, since i dont want to mix up bike with my life , i am starting this ‘brand new’ blog. Seriously, you wont find anything interesting to read here. You will find all rubbish thoughts, useless...

Taking a break!


Atlast ..Exams are near. As i consider this as my last attempt and hoping that i’l clear my papers before leaving this college, i took a decision that i will make use of my brain now for exams.(Atleast i can try for it! ) . So i myself put a ban on using internet or even my PC for a month. Meanwhile, i ‘may’ post some entries if i am really bored with books. So bye for a month! 😉

Lost in Lust!


I have upgraded this blog to latest WordPress 2.3.1 . I wanted the Tagging support and so I couldn’t wait when wordpress launched their latest stable version. And I tried tagging!!!But in that process I lost all my categories. 🙁 . So I am in a boring process of manually adding categories to all my posts. Consider editing 200 posts one by one. And to add to that , I am on a gprs connection...

Two blogs..One Life


   As you all may have noticed this particular blog used to have several biking related posts in the past. Later I thought it would be better if I separate my biking and tech blog posts and decided to have two blogs . So I started Surely its hard for me to maintain two blogs. But considering the ease of readers of two entirely different sectors , I still think its better...

Tough time!


Wheeww!! April is finally over! it has been a tough time for me , regarding the bandwidth issues.And first of all i appologize for  “Bandwidth over Limit” message displayed here for last 15 days.Some bots were crawling through my sites and downloading all those little image files …downloaded each file 10000 times or more. Retarded creatures! I had to remove all jpg/gif files...

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