For Sale!


Riding back to the apartment I stopped by a shop to have some tea. You know the benefits of being a regular, you get the instant recognition and you needn’t order anything. Just be at where you are and your regular orders reach you! So, here I am with a cup of tea, staring into the night decorated with reflections from a light rain, sitting in my usual place – a small parapet wall separating the...

Biking Nirvana: Part 1


Caution: This is going to be a long boring story for the nonriders. Please continue at your own will! Prologue I checked the watch and it was 3 AM in the morning. I have been working since 8.30 AM and already crossed 18 hours in the office. But little was I worried or tired. All I knew was I have to push my limits and avoid any chance of working on weekends. Because after 12 hours, I will start...

Making Gmail Remote Logoff Work in Internet Explorer 6


I got this tip from a commenter in my previous post about Remote Logoff in Gmail. Sharing it here for those who are still using Internet Explorer 6 or any browsers on which this feature wont work. Gmail checks whether the browser is a compatible one or not and then only displays the link to this feature. But however, if you know the file url , it can be easily used. Follow these steps: 1) change...

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